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AndromedanPriest | Oranum
25 rates
Pisces Sun | Pisces Moon | Scorpio Ascendant | Embodiment of Lilith (Eve) archetype | I see your Shadow. Here to help you remove your mask. To see that you are God. The truth hurts. But you can take it. I believe in you. Are you ready to embrace your darkness? Tarot, healing, guided meditations, coaching, trauma removal, 2x TEDx speaker | Trained by TheGuardian.
  • Anglicky, Francúzsky, grécky

Nástenka AndromedanPriest




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  •   beanie23 pred 13 dňami

    His energy was pleasant. Easy to talk to & very motivational. Talk soon friend!! 5 STARS!!

  •   Angela2508 pred 1 mesiacom

    THank you!

  •   swong74 pred 1 mesiacom

    Thank you for the healing and the sense of well being in myself and to give an extra boost to my own self healing. :)

  •   CaptialJ pred 1 mesiacom

    A great reader. A good card reader. A healer he can tell you such a detailed information with just one card. He knows what he is doing.

  •   anko123 pred 1 mesiacom

    Thank you so much, you are incredible!!!

  •   swong74 pred 1 mesiacom

    Thank you for the reading about my love life, family life, and career life. I appreciate it a lot.



Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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