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SpiritMother | Oranum
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Premium $3.99 Per Minute. Allow me to set up a 10 Minute Session for only $30.00 or enjoy a "Quickie" Session! Ask me how! I am a Natural -Born Intuitive with over 44 years providing Readings to the public. I am able to Dowse for Love Energies as well as Timeframes. I am a Reiki II Energy Healer working on Reiki Master. Angelic Prayer Candles are available with any Private Session.
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  •   NativeWhispers pred 5 dňami

    Wonderful read...

  •   NativeWhispers pred 16 dňami

    Her predictions are happening. Just have to keep on track now. Thank you so much Spirit Mopther. Will keep you imformed..

  •   marilysnoopy pred 2 mesiacmi

    amazing energy very supportive, asks all the right questions

  •   SpiritMother pred 2 mesiacmi

    Thank you so much! I look forward to the checking on these energies in the Spring and seeing that Fate is wrapped around your fingers :)

  •   NativeWhispers pred 3 mesiacmi

    SpiritMother is the best. No tools needed. Had been months since getting a read. She was spot on with all her answers. Plus she helped with my shoulder pain. NW

  •   SpiritMother pred 2 mesiacmi

    Thank you always. I miss you! I pray all is well and life is blessing you

  •   NativeWhispers pred 4 mesiacmi

    SpiritMother has so much knowledge. So thankful, she is a reader on Oranum, that I can trust to get the honest truth from. NW

  •   NativeWhispers pred 5 mesiacmi

    Thank you so much SpiritMother for confirming my intuitions.. You were very SPOT ON!!! Thanks to your Guides also.

  •   SpiritMother pred 5 mesiacmi

    You are always welcome! I truly value you and all of the blessings you have offerred me as well. I am so grateful for you!

  •   NativeWhispers pred 6 mesiacmi

    You are so special.. Thank you for always being so honest.. I will wait out my time. Thank you for all you do for everyone in chat also.. You go unappreciated by many...Thanks for all your help.. NW

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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