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claridad | Oranum
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Blessings, my name is PSYCHIC CLARIDAD and I am able to tell you what the person is thinking by channeling their thoughts through my spiritual guides. Also, I am able to provide you with clarity on your personal situation with amazing accuracy, sincerity plus over 15 years of experience. Come in for an unforgettable reading! Psychic Claridad, check it out blessings!
  • Anglicky, Španielsky

Nástenka claridad




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  •   ashavijay2004 pred 2 mesiacmi

    Very accurate!

  •   gentlebay pred 2 mesiacmi

    one of the very best in the world . such an amazing reader. She can see the situation so clearly...

  •   angel8819 pred 2 mesiacmi

    Claridad is one of the best here! always on point with channeling.

  •   gentlebay pred 3 mesiacmi

    claridad is excellent at knowing how people feel . very excellent reader as you can see, she is always busyl

  •   Atlantis070 pred 4 mesiacmi

    Always amazing!!

  •   Kosmo22 pred 4 mesiacmi

    Wonderful Reading! Love her felt very comfortable and she was very honest and caring. Everything she said was very spot on. I am very grateful!! :)

  •   Ebony1955 pred 6 mesiacmi

    Excellent reading right on point. Sorry we ran out of time. I will caht with you again.

  •   scadoodle pred 7 mesiacmi

    a true blessing! such a delight! very calming and very kind! thank you

  •   NEWLIFE84 pred 9 mesiacmi

    private session didn't start

  •   NEWLIFE84 pred 9 mesiacmi

    i didn't receive anything

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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