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Kogaion | Oranum

I am a practicing ocultist and adept in various arts of divination. Tarot, Yi Ching, Runes. I am a Runemaster wich means that i work with the energy of the Runes to help others and to enlighten myself and others too. I can guide your steps towards the best choice for your life for your highest goods. I analyse timeframes of days/ weeks/ months and years. Love, career, spiritual paths.

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Nástenka Kogaion




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  •   Kogaion  pred 2 dňami

    with great pleasure i do my best for you every time !

  •   Dakota2043  pred 2 dňami

    thank you

  •   Kogaion  pred 3 dňami

    Thank you all for these kind words ! As i am new here but i have 15 years of experience behind of divination, for sure will make every minute here in your service count !...Many blessings !

  •   Dakota2043  pred 4 dňami

    thanks for the connection. many things discussed were accurate even though you do not have all the information , i totally understand what you talked about, thank you

  •   ItWillBeOkay  pred 5 dňami

    Fantastic and accurate. Picked up all that I had on my mind. Will be back for more readings! 5 stars. Thank you!

  •   Kogaion  pred 4 mesiacmi

    thank you so much for your appreciation !

  •   tlstokes  pred 4 mesiacmi

    Amazing reader. no sugar coating. Great with time frames. A real life saver who reads in the most amazing way possible. Highly recommend



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