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LadyMaria | Oranum
26 avgifter
Do you have any questions about Love, relationship or family? I will tell you the truth straight forward. Don't hesitate!! I am here for an answer!! I am an intuitive person, empath, I read gypsy tarot and read pendulum as well. Rate 3.99
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  •   sunshine1234 17 dagar sedan

    Awesome, your the best

  •   clarity711 22 dagar sedan

    I love my readings with Maria! She gives wonderful advice and is very clear and accurate. Would highly recommend!

  •   sunshine1234 22 dagar sedan

    you are awesome

  •   MyBeloved 1 månad sedan

    Thank you Maria.... :)

  •   Angelwings22 1 månad sedan

    Lady Maria truly cares about people. She tunes in quickly and gives a lot of respect and love! She is a good reader and good empath!

  •   goldnsunshine 1 månad sedan

    LadyM was phenomenal... gave me hope and is truly gifted. Love her! Will definitely speak to her again as long as she allows. :)

  •   sunshine1234 1 månad sedan

    You are awesome
    thank you

  •   keewee 1 månad sedan

    She is awesome in her reading. She is caring and thoughtful. Cant wait to see her prediction happens! Thank you Lady Maria!

  •   kaeelu 1 månad sedan

    earlier this month Maria said that things will be great and I will get what I hope for on my trip and I didn't think I will but I did! thx♥

  •   iamstrong1 1 månad sedan

    had a pvt with her recently - made my day! waiting for her predictions to happen x

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