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  •   SolAngel1 16 timmar sedan

    Everytime she says something it comes true! I honestly have a hard time finding a psychic I connect. I deff connect with Kay! thanks love!

  •   SantoDomingo 16 timmar sedan

    Predictions always come true! she is deff always spot on!!!!!!

  •   goodgirl1982 17 timmar sedan

    Kay predicted that he was keeping me out of the loop and she was 100% accurate on that!

  •   jade8233 19 timmar sedan

    Kay told me a few days ago to take up something new and she gave an example such as work. Incredibly a job opportunity has now arose. x

  •   Astric 19 timmar sedan

    Just like Kay said, got some Money. She is unbelievably accurate :) Thanks for all your help Kay :)

  •   lovelyaansh 3 dagar sedan

    kay is great psychic been coming to her so long . she told me to do self care and i might have cramps headaches etc and that was true. i have been having bad headaches recently. even told me b4 going to a party that its a birthday party. earlier kay told me this end yr for my clinical practicum and i thought i was starting next yr but turns out im starting this yr! . great psychic as usual

  •   kysa00 5 dagar sedan

    fabulous reader

  •   groovylove 9 dagar sedan

    Her prediction happened and it is amazing

  •   fun_fundaaz 10 dagar sedan

    Kay saw last minute travel confusion. My flight has been cancelled and I am rebooking another flight! its madness.. eerie accurate!

  •   goodgirl1982 14 dagar sedan

    Kay, your insight is keen. D is posting lots of love messages...Hopefully they are about me

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Du har nått den maximala längden på detta meddelande (140 tecken).

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