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  •   roni98 14 timmar sedan

    I admire Raising Hope kindness, sincerity and direction. She feels relax and happy when helping others, seeing their life peaceful, smiley and content. Raising Hope readings are truthful. I am forever grateful she entered my life. Thank you Sweet Lady!

  •   roni98 23 timmar sedan

    I really want to give positive feedback to Ms. Raising Hope. I trust her, she will always be there for you. Her readings are very positive and on point. She is very caring person. Love and light to her always. I look forward to reach out to her and appreciate her guidance.

  •   roni98 1 dag sedan

    Raising Hope is absolutely knowledgeable. I appreciate her guidance. She has the ability to provide direction that speaks directly to the problem. Raising Hope readings are always meaningful and important to me. She reads genuinely and her gift of seeing situation and emotions of others are amazing.

  •   roni98 2 dagar sedan

    I have had many readings with Raising Hope. She is wonderful! Raising Hope is fast, accurate and honest. She looks out for you and does not give false hope. Thank you so much Raising Hope for being here and doing a wonderful job! I am forever grateful. xoxo

  •   roni98 4 dagar sedan

    Raising Hope is absolutely insightful! Thank you God for bringing this angel of soul in my life path. This beautiful person has helped changed my negative energies. If you want help, clarity and guidance please reach out to her. I highly recommend!

  •   roni98 9 dagar sedan

    Ms. Raising Hope is wonderful! I worked with her to remove my negative energies. I recommend everyone should experience Spiritual Healing. I enjoy connecting with her. Her positive readings always uplift my energy. I trust her readings, she truly is a beautiful soul. God Bless!

  •   Your Support Team 13 dagar sedan

    Your Support Team önskar dig en bra Födelsedag!

  •   nzstars 17 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I am always grateful for your intuition and guidance. It helps to give me clarity in my life. Love & light! Scott "bald" N

  •   damixo 28 dagar sedan

    OH MY GOD this woman is really gifted, she can see a lot!!! she has very very detailed insight into a lot

  •   nzstars 28 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much. This reading meant a lot to me and has given me guidance, clarity and vision. I am grateful to have met you and would like to come see you again. Love & light Scott :) (bald)

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Du har nått den maximala längden på detta meddelande (140 tecken).

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