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EyesOfDestiny | Oranum
36 avgifter
Are You Seeking the answers to life's questions? Does he/she love me? Is he/she faithful? Is he/she honest about their feelings? Seek EyesofDestiny for the answers you are searching for, 3+ years of experience in relationship mentoring and teaching important interrelational skills needed to maintain happy and healthy relationships.
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  •   4ashleyb 9 dagar sedan

    She is absolutely amazing and very entuned & connected to your energy! She was spot on!

  •   search123 17 dagar sedan

    she is very nice and sweet. She tries to help with giving positive advise. Many blessing to you

  •   Loca2168 19 dagar sedan

    very helpful, very positive

  •   Loca2168 19 dagar sedan

    eyes of destiny is a lovely person easy to get reading with , confirmed things for me

  •   eld55555 20 dagar sedan

    Always positive and always a good reading

  •   search123 1 månad sedan

    She is very nice and very positive. She is trying to help and is there every time I speak with her. I hope things work out.

  •   eld55555 1 månad sedan

    very positive and insightful, strongly recommend

  •   dreamweaver1160 1 månad sedan

    Awesome reading, Destiny has a lot of insight to share. I will come back for more readings.

  •   Your Support Team 1 månad sedan

    Your Support Team önskar dig en bra Födelsedag!

  •   SunnyDay4 2 månader sedan

    Thanks for the reading!



Du har nått den maximala längden på detta meddelande (140 tecken).

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