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PsychicBenz | Oranum
61 avgifter
I can imagine your past, clarify your present and show you the future. If you have a specific question, hold it in your mind and let me know when you are ready for the reading!
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  •   myeyesea 1 dag sedan

    thank you Benz your the best

  •   myeyesea 1 dag sedan

    thank you Benz your so helpful and amazing reader awesome

  •   Dreams395 9 dagar sedan

    Im sorry Benz

  •   Dreams395 11 dagar sedan

    I just have a small comment I think if someone is talking about something you are uncomfortable with say so dont keep leaving

  •   Dreams395 15 dagar sedan

    Thankyou so very much I was touched by your reading Keep up the positive vibes :)

  •   Dreams395 16 dagar sedan

    I am really saddened you are not here to do my reading I hope you are alright

  •   Dreams395 18 dagar sedan

    Where O where are you O where O where can you be

  •   Dreams395 20 dagar sedan

    Hope all is well

  •   Dreams395 25 dagar sedan

    im sorry I must have said something out of place Thanks for listening

  •   myeyesea 25 dagar sedan

    thank you Benz you are great

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Du har nått den maximala längden på detta meddelande (140 tecken).

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