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motherearth | Oranum
The best price just .99 cents per minute, I am a Fox - Baja Studios Parties Psychic, former TV & Radio Psychic , Psychic Performer, Ghosts and Tombs Tours Psychic-Historian, Astrologer and Astronomer. Sorry, no replies, no yes-no card, no daily message, Oranum rules ! I dont want to get a penalty, I don´t deserve it , I do have the lowest price online, allow me to guide you thru your journey.
  • English, Spanish

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  •   andy2thai  2 months ago

    ggr8 reading, very good and so easy to enjoy

  •   rainbox35  3 months ago

    i would like to speak with you in private!

  •   Iroquois48  5 months ago

    Motherearth was very quick & decisive & I recommend her and the cost is very reasonable!

  •   Your Support Team  5 months ago

    Your Support Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!



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