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ChloeSHR | Oranum
Welcome and Blessings. I was born with my gifts but at 8, I told the Spiritual World to stop communicating to me as I could no longer handle seeing all the bad visions. In 1991 I couldn't quite them any longer, and my gifts flooded back. By 2/2013 Spirit said, its time to fully awaken. Your mission is Twin Flame Reunion. I had no idea until that day, I had met mine in 2012 & was in separation
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  •   taupon7  5 days ago

    Thankyou very much for my read :)
    will come back to keep you posted :))

  •   GeeWhyTheHeckNot  7 days ago

    shes diamond here on Oranum, love her!

  •   WhyTheHeckNot  13 days ago

    EXCELLENT! such a wonderful soul. <3

  •   ChloeSHR  12 days ago

    Thank you So much and Blessings to you and yours. I so appreciate you and thank you for your kind words. Much Love and Light to you.

  •   ChloeSHR  19 days ago

    My mission is to guide Twin Flames/Souls to final reunion. With the help and guidance from Spirit, Archangel Michael and your guides, your journey can be successful!



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