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Mariella | Oranum

Visionary, artist and master creative Mariella, currently hails from North Carolina USA. Held firm in her faith to the Holy and eternal spirit of all creation, her spiritual and intuitive gifts continue to be developed through the influence of pure love and gratitude for her fellow man, and are inspired by an ancestry of spiritual adepts

  • Female
  • English, Spanish

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  •   clairity  1 month ago

    Oh man!! She was a amazing! I admittedly was skeptical because it was my first reading with her and I had seen her in open chat and it was ok. I took the chance to have a private session with her because I needed guidance. SHE BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! Everything was right inline with what I was feeling and my own intuition was telling me! 10/10 stars!!

  •   Mariella  1 month ago

    Have you noticed that being in a state of illusory lack and limitation can leave one confused about the truth of their path, sometimes to the degree of becoming paralyzed in their progress? If you can identify with this, and are seeking clarity on who you are or need help remembering what your life purpose may be, then let's transcend into your truth, together!

    I am happy to be of service and encourage you to feel free to have a private consultation with me concerning matters of the heart, career, pets, global issues or simply your well-being! Until then, take care!

    Thank you, in advance!

  •   Mariella  1 month ago

    " Moods are made for shifting; for modifying the frequency, then harmony ensues". - Mariella



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