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RobyTata | Oranum
52 votes
I am a Tata Nganga and I work with spirits as Palo Tata. You will witness spirit communication in realtime. ONLY HERE You will hear the answers to your questions and receive guidance directly from YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES. They are the only ones that have the correct answers about YOUR LOVE, HEALTH, MONEY, CAREER. MARRIAGE, etc. My spirits will connect to your spirit guides and give you a clear answer.
  • Anglais, Allemand

Le mur de RobyTata




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  •   beanie23 Il y a 1 mois.

    Roby is so cool! Very nice & knows whats best for you.

  •   Vaness891 Il y a 2 mois.

    This guy is amazing 10/10

  •   ritesh_78 Il y a 3 mois.


  •   miracle99 Il y a 3 mois.

    Healing from RobyTata is very effective, will definetly return.

  •   bedstuysfinest Il y a 3 mois.

    Wonderful reader. He gave me a great information

  •   debbie1231 Il y a 3 mois.

    hi my first time talking with him he sound good i give him a try and let everyone know .

  •   LadyGrace Il y a 3 mois.

    AMAZING! I love how you can hear the messages from the spirit guides so you know its legitimate information.

  •   DaisyBunches Il y a 3 mois.

    Roby is a very kind and great psychic - i am so happy i had a reading with him and will come back again to him for guidance. God bless you Roby xxxxx

  •   bacchusrising1 Il y a 4 mois.

    Really good and insightful reading.



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