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VisionaryGu | Oranum
16+ years experience, over 12K readings & 4 years on Oranum. Clairvoyant,Tarot expert,Rune Stone,Lenormand, IChing,Dowser, Chinese Fortune Telling, Pendulum, Reiki Master, Life Coach. Specialities: reconciling relationships, Predictions Love life/Career/Finance/Court Case. Soul mates/Twin flame confirmation. Guidance and Time frame for predictions.No Sugar Coat and false hope.Only reveal Truth.
  • Anglais, Chinois

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  •   sabrina12883  Il y a 21 heures.

    gu was very compassionate and direct with the reading..

  •   Mimi1986  Il y a 1 jour.

    Very good reading!!!! Very detailed!!!

  •   Love_Dove  Il y a 4 jours.

    My very first reading went well. I love that VisionaryGu is very real and positive. I came across her profile months ago but we were never online at the same time until tonight when I felt the need for a reading. I have enough clarity of myself and my life. Good advice and positivity from VisionaryGu. She is very gifted. I will come back tomorrow

  •   CoolDolphin  Il y a 7 jours.

    Gu is always direct, quick and very kind. If there is tough news, she will say so, but with compassion and in a way that shows the best path to deal with any situation.
    I would give ten stars if I could!

  •   savinap  Il y a 11 jours.

    She is awesome and to the point. :)

  •   pokemonk  Il y a 12 jours.

    always the top of Oranum. She has been so helpful and i trust her card.

  •   brilovespandas  Il y a 17 jours.

    Amazing psychic, such great energy, really is a joy to have a reading with her, she's so silly, and sweet, really do enjoy chatting with her, thank you so much Gu!

  •   brilovespandas  Il y a 22 jours.

    Such a great person, has a great sense of humor, connects very quickly, very kind fun and loving person! Thank you so much for the reading!!

  •   karilur  Il y a 26 jours.

    Great always clear and direct in her messages.

  •   negedaruah  Il y a 27 jours.

    VisionaryGu is a warm and charming lady. She is very accurate in her readings and interpretation. She was able to analyze my situation and give me insight on how to handle my challenges. I highly recommend her!

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