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ladymirabella | Oranum
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MASTER PSYCHIC on Oranum since Nov. 2011...over 30,000 helped with accuracy! No tools required...My gifts are spirit channeler, clairvoyant, intuitive, empath, telepath and dream interpreter and spiritual healer. I give past, present, future insight, time frames and physical descriptions of people. In Free Chat Vote or surprise me for an Oracle card. Private Chat for all questions and readings.
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  •   anirakmargary 2 napja

    thank u

  •   empy05 16 napja

    So very kind and helpful as always :)

  •   Stargirl14 16 napja


  •   DakedoBaby 4 hónapja

    Another wonderful reading... I trust her totally!

  •   airforcemom2288 4 hónapja

    great lady gave details

  •   audreyx 5 hónapja

    THANK YOU I'm so sorry it cut off. But if you can let me know about Elizabeth, and that my #1 goal of international real estate and diving in USVI will happen because I'm determined, that would be wonderful. Also, my mom Carol wants me to come back to hometown for her 2nd marriage and I'm scared to because of everyone there and my dad

  •   DeeJay21 6 hónapja

    Thank you so much! has helped me feel better

  •   Marlie 8 hónapja

    Ladymirabella is amazing! Loved her reading, very on point! Thank u! (I wanted to give 5 start but the system isn't alowing me I dont know why).

  •   DakedoBaby 9 hónapja

    So warm and friendly... picks up quickly
    I always come back

  •   Stargirl14 9 hónapja

    She was great!

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