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Bernadett81 | Oranum
26 priser
I am a clairvoyant psychic,i discovered my abilities at a young age.Have you ever felt stuck in your life and needed the help of someone's insight and empathy?That is where a true psychic with its gift can help. Give me your clear questions, you get clear answers.Let's guide your life in the way you want it to be together!
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  •   kkbinid 6 dager siden

    So pleasant. Does not waste time. Accurate

  •   Sneal411 6 dager siden

    Awesome always keeps me update

  •   Sneal411 11 dager siden
    Svar word can describe my feelings and emotion at the moment. So far the best reading and clarity i have received since i have been a member for almost 2 years. She is great and work very hard. The best:)

  •   Sneal411 17 dager siden

    Great..great..reading update and clarity!! Lets me know I am on the right track...Plus she is a pretty!

  •   starfish57 19 dager siden

    gracious, quick reading with lots of precise information; time well spent, thank you!

  •   Sneal411 20 dager siden

    She was on point..glad she reached out to me. Really helped my day:).

  •   eligeia11 22 dager siden

    nice and calm, giving me the right answer for the situation i am in. thank you. I will call again

  •   kkbinid 1 måned siden

    Very pleasant and helpful.

  •   Bunny1974 2 måneder siden

    I would better have been able to use her predictions if she had connected them to my life now. I could not really recognize or connect to her predictions

  •   kysa00 3 måneder siden

    very very good reader. Helping me a lot, right on point with the readings. xx

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Du har nådd maksimal lengde på denne meldingen (140 tegn).