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MitChi's Wall




Du har nådd maksimumslengden på denne meldingen (140 tegn).

  •   Teenah 12 dager siden

    What a beautiful soul.. What i have experienced during this session is far too deep to describe, all I will say is that this has been a life changing experience with the loudest message in relation to my true calling. I am ever so grateful. Thank you for an enlightening session and keep doing what you do best, the world needs more like you :)

  •   cinnamonster1025 12 dager siden

    He's cute and insightful. Very helpful.

  •   MitChi 15 dager siden

    Mitchell is a gifted psychic. He did a reading for me and picked up on all the facts of the present situation and foretold a future event that I didn’t think would happen, which manifested within 3 weeks exactly as he said it would. I recommend him as a highly gifted healer and psychic

    Kelly A



Du har nådd maksimal lengde på denne meldingen (140 tegn).

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