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Peretele lui celebertylov




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  •   wanderinggypsy 2 luni in urma

    Awesome! Brilliant! Loving! Accurate! I've had readings with her before and she's never been wrong. But like she says, take it, absorb it and then let it go. Trust the Universe. It'll happen. Bless you a gazillion times. You are a true angel. Thank you!

  •   cheryltsn 3 luni in urma

    Hi Celeb! Would you be online anytime soon?

  •   cazk0303 7 luni in urma

    Thank you sooooo much Celeb! You were so spot on today and I am abundantly grateful to you and your guidance and words of wisdom. A truly beautiful spirit inside and out. You truly helped me today. Thank you! xoxo

  •   nessaa89 7 luni in urma

    thank you so much your amazing and beautiful <3 xoxoxo 10 out of 10 blessings to u <3

  •   pauly61 7 luni in urma

    celeb you are the best !!! love you always

  •   star52484 8 luni in urma

    I cant say enough great things about Celeb. She has given me so much confidence and positivity. She is my angel and thank god that I found her here. Thank you so much for being here for me and for your powerful reading. xo. love you!

  •   maddicat333 8 luni in urma

    Celebertlov is most definitely a true, down-to-earth reader - highly recommend.

  •   Genan123456789 9 luni in urma

    I dont know were to start! Celebertylov is fast and accurate and honest reader she does not judge no one. I will always go to her JUST HER>3

  •   anaannastina 9 luni in urma

    you give me power to move on tnx for your time sending all my love to you

  •   Rengirl 1 an in urma

    OMG such accurate information, even down to repeating phrases that I have heard people say to me. She is amazing.

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Ai atins lungimea maximă a mesajului (140 caractere).

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