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"It will be good if the psychics don't know whether we had a pvt with others because they treat different way after we have a reading with someone else... we go for second opinion and they take it wrong way and also they should see how much credit we got when we have pvt reading..people try to..." - ganny5891, United Kingdom
"I have been in LadyEmpathy's chat room and found her to be a very gifted, warm, compassionate person and when I had a demo with her it truly soothed my soul....she also encourages group discussions and prayers which enlightenen one's heart and soul!!! Thank you LadyEmpath for the demo you did..." - doloann, United States
"I had a reading with TantraPsychic. Please add this feedback to him, Thank you Tantra. Another of your predictions came true..! i hope more of your predictions willl come true... thanks alot!!!!! =)) Kingpi" - kingpi, Europe


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