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Goddesschild | Oranum
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Certified and intuitive tarot card reader who goes beyond the silly concepts of good and bad cards - because I believe every card can be either contributing or detrimental based on an individual's character and his/her ability to use, misuse, abuse, or manipulate opportunities that come their way. Join me in private with your questions related to rships, finances, career, travel, relocation,etc.
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  •   Goddesschild 9 hours ago

    Dear members, if you're feeling disturbed or confused, it always helps to talk it over with a nonjudgmental psychic or an intuitive counselor. Worrying is useless!!!!

    I will be online in 30 minutes from now...join me privately for insights from numerology and tarot readings on your love life, marriage, finances, someone's thoughts, intentions, and opinions about you, career decisions and choices, moving on or wait-n-watch approach, relocation and travel, personalized remedies for your situations, spiritual guidance from angel cards, etc.

    When in free chat, vote for me if your idea is to show your appreciation, rather than using the vote as a pathetic barter for free readings/free answers. I am a professional and this is a paid reading site - meaning....I do this for my livelihood and profession just like how any one else does a job. Just because we're psychics, money doesn't grow on trees for please show respect for our skills and talents and do not abuse and disrespect our learning by asking for free answers.....unfortunately some of you have been doing nothing but this for years now! ;-)

    Besides tarot and numerology, I am very good at sensing any paranormal issues that could be hurting your happiness and success and having said that, I also know how to clear you from such influences fearlessly. My faith in God and praying is childlike and I believe life is beyond logical - it's very magical...and I am here to help you shift your vibrations to the realms of magical living.

    All I ask is - rather than chat endlessly and pseudo-intellectually in free chat.....take that decision to take charge of your willing to work on yourself and join me directly in private for angelic and spiritual guidance from my deck of cards. I am fast in my intuitive analysis of situations and I do not readings are actually blunt. So if you think you can face the truth as indicated by my cards, choose me to do your reading.

    Love and light,

  •   jhayaa 1 day ago

    G i keep missing out on oyu! please lets talk soon. love

  •   jhayaa 4 days ago

    G would you be online anytime todaY?

  •   smukh07 6 days ago

    will you be online again today?

  •   Lstubb 6 days ago

    Goddesschild is amazing I love her readings. She is the best my Angel I love her. I will definately be back.

  •   intrigued8 8 days ago

    oh you left! :(

  •   jhayaa 8 days ago

    G im home and ready ofr pvt

  •   jhayaa 9 days ago

    G where are you? updates :) we need to talk

  •   jhayaa 12 days ago

    hi please let me know qwhat time you ocme online ftoday or a time hugs im home after 2.30

  •   jhayaa 11 days ago

    G messafged you an update, do look into it when you can and please do ocme onlnie love!! T

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