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AngelicCamilla | Oranum

I am a clairvoyant psychic that is extremely busy and I am only available on Oranum as a private psychic life coach. If you would like readings or advice from me. Please send me a message here and we can schedule a session at $5.99 a minute. Sorry but I am in high demand and cannot be in free chat anymore.

  • 48
  • Female
  • English

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  •   Jewelella  2 months ago

    Thank you Camilla! I needed that support, guidance; career info I have not been able to find on my own; ...I have been so emotional (too much pain) and your words and insight REALLY helped me with some healing in those moments with you. I know what you told me was accurate too about the other topic. I just was worried if he would come back, give us a real try, communicate openly....XOXOXO

  •   aquadivinewaters  3 months ago

    Beautiful Reading. Thank you.I cant wait for it all to unfold.



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